“If we want to hear something different, we don’t change the music, we change the station,
we change the frequency we’re listening to. In our work life, that gives us access to greater levels
of productivity, workability, and overall effectiveness.”  Michelle Ewalt

Create Change from the Inside Out:
Transitioning Life and Organization

Michelle Ewalt is the Founder and Executive Coach for Team in Transition, specializing in personal and professional development solutions for individuals, teams and organizations to align with principles of workability, effectiveness and productivity.

Results are achieved through key focus areas:

  • Align Natural Instincts and Talent
  • Integrate Foundational Principles
  • Invigorate Presence and Leadership
  • Consult Organization’s Transition

Clients I’ve Had the Pleasure to Work With


"I’ve worked for Whole Foods, a very introspective and competitive company for over 20 years. Michelle led our new leadership team through one-and-one coaching and team facilitation for our group by aligning our goals to meld the personal and business side. Her enthusiasm, passion and genuine approach helped our ‘moving engine’ down a racetrack. It was like an ongoing pit stop. She created and led a new strategy for our organization to help us evolve our leadership, product lines, communication, better decision making for every individual and as a result become one of the most effective teams ever at Whole Foods. I’ve been through a million training, workshops, including Vision Quest. Michelle is really one of the best and she never falters. She magically brought it all together for us."

Patty Fair, Senior Director of Creative Services at Whole Foods Market (HQ)