Michelle’s Coaching Method

I propose a three-phase approach that provides coaching, facilitation and leadership development, helping you and your employees grow into the next level of performance. Each segment promotes success in areas of productivity, workability and effectiveness. Each phase begins with assessment, followed by an action plan and measures of accountability. Phase 1 concentrates on individuals, helping each program participant develop leadership awareness and skills to match the organization’s needs and goals. Phase 2 addresses leadership at the team level, helping participants align their talents to achieve cohesive, productive teamwork. Phase 3 integrates phase 1 and 2 and aligns individual, team, and corporate goals to promote significant change throughout the organization.

  • Work with individuals to assess their fit within their current job descriptions and help them understand the roadmap of possibilities for them within the organization.
  • Identify with the management team the expected performance results for the employees participating in the leadership development/coaching program.
  • Help mangers communicate the performance expectations they have set.
  • Once standards are understood, utilize executive coaching (face-to-face and/or by phone), leadership development exercises, and homework to get participants on the “runway for success.”
  • Help participants develop leadership skills and transition tactical skills to strategic thinking and actions. As a result, they become stakeholders in the company’s broader/global goals.
  • Through coaching, broaden managers’ communication skills, helping them to better manage the company’s internal process.
  • Apprise senior leadership of progress throughout the coaching process.

Questions Clients Have Had in the Past

  • I need to re-invent myself / evolve my vision. How do I do that?

  • I’m smart and driven. I know my value. How do I enhance my leadership talents and skills?

  • How do I set, re-align and/or nurture my goals?

  • I’ve out grown my . . . ?

  • I feel stuck. How do I navigate my next steps to be freer?

  • How do I erase limiting beliefs?

  • I’m capable but need feedback and input to grow to the next level. Will this help me accomplish this?

  • I don’t want to hear the same old same old from a coach. How is this process different?

  • I feel the pressure to take action soon. I feel stifled. How will coaching help me?

  • How do I focus on physical, mental, spiritual fitness as I perform fiscal fitness?

What We Will Do in Partnership:

  • Grow your adaptability

  • Evolve your talents further

  • Improve your team building

  • Increase self-awareness

  • Increase creativity

  • Set, align and nurture your goals

  • Grow your skills for networking, presentations, resume writing

  • Take action with customized homework assignments

  • Hone your communication skills

  • Broaden your leadership skills

  • Develop your current vision

  • Grow decision-making

  • Be profitable

What You Will Experience

We will create solutions together as a team. Through one-on-one coaching, we will address your goals and desired outcomes. You will have homework to support and challenge your thinking while allowing for growth and development. Expect to be guided and motivated to succeed. This translates into results and into true growth. You will be engaged in a streamlined, interactive approach and process. You will be inspired to take action. Feel free to laugh as we work together!