Michelle’s Bio

For over 20 years, Michelle has created solutions for clients to navigate change and transition. As a coach, facilitator and consultant, Michelle works with individuals, teams and organizations on universal principles for productivity, workability and effectiveness. Michelle’s background includes corporate, athletic and personal experiences. Coaching is an integral part of who Michelle is. Michelle knows the challenge of what change puts into action in our lives.  She also knows what’s involved in change. As with technology, Michelle works with clients to create personal operating systems to address clients’ personal challenges. Her unorthodox and evolved approach allows clients, in a customized way, to be supported on their path toward new levels of freedom and performance.

Michelle experience has taught her that the recipe to evolving current circumstances into future results requires vision, commitment and practice. When working with clients, Michelle works side-by-side with them to evolve new solutions while streamlining the process. Her synergistic approach creates fluid results for clients. Michelle’s programs offer custom solutions for successful outcomes. Her programs reflect clients’ visions, missions and values. Her passion has produced a global client base with companies and individuals focused on gaining new levels of self-awareness, leadership, presence and decision making.

Your Success

Whatever challenge you may be facing, Michelle can serve as your trusted guide. In partnership, clients can expect Michelle to address both personal and professional leadership while aiming for successful solutions. Michelle aligns clients’ natural instincts and talents with the goal of you and your organization’s transition. She approaches complex situations with elegance to help reach those goals.